Practice wear is required for all classes. Students are required to be well presented for all Dance classes. Correct attire must be worn and hair must be tied back and secured for class time. Dress standard is an important aspect in the art of Dance.



    Mummy&Me/Twinkle Stars / Beginners Test 1-3

    Pink Strictly Dance Leotard with Skirt Attached

    Pale pink socks (test 2 & 3 require stockings for exams)

    Ballet shoes with elastics

   Optional pale Pink crossover for winter




    Bronze Medal & Star Levels

    Dark blue Strictly Dance lycra leotard

    Dark blue crossover skirt

    Pink seamless tights

    Ballet shoes with ribbons (split sole)

    Optional Dark blue crossover for winter




     Silver Medal & Star Levels 

    Maroon Strictly Dance Lycra Leotard

    Maroon Crossover skirt

    Pink tights

    Ballet shoes with Ribbons (split sole)

    Character Skirt

                                                         Optional Maroon crossover for winter



   Gold Medal & Above Levels

   Black Lycra Leotard

   Black Crossover skirt (Gold Medal)

   Pink ballet shoes with Ribbons (Split sole)

   Pink tights

   Black Character Shoes

                                                        Character Skirt

                                                       Optional Black Crossover for winter





All jazz grades require black boy shorts, skin tone tights and black leather split sole jazz shoes

    Jumpstart – Beginners & Test 1-2

    Black Strictly Dance Leotard

    Black Shorts or swing skirt

    Skintone Tights

    Black Jazz Shoes


Test 3 & Above Grades

Same leotard as their equivalent ballet grade (please note that students jazz grades are normally 1 grade below their ballet grade)

Same leotard as equivalent ballet grade

Black shorts

Tan tights

Black Jazz Shoes








All tap grades require skin tone tights and camel leather tap shoes and the same uniform listed for their equivalent jazz grade.

Jumpstart – Beginners & Test 1 – Bronze Star

Black Strictly Dance Leotard

Black Skirt

Skintone Tights

Camel tap shoes













    Black SD Basketball Singlet

    Black SD Basketball shorts

    White high-top sneakers








** All requirements are available from our Dancewear Store at our Cleveland Studio 8/77 Shore St Cleveland **