Twinkle Dance Classes

Early Childhood Classes.

They are the perfect classes for your little one and not to mention so much fun!


The program

Twinkle Star Dance

Twinkle Star Dance has been taking the dance world by storm. The curriculum is taught in over 200 dance studios across the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and we are so happy to be offering these classes now at Strictly Dance! Discover fresh, new tap, jazz, and ballet curriculum elements for your pre-school aged dancer. This is a movement class.  Please bring all appropriate dance shoes and watch your little one grin from ear to ear! 

“Kids can get distracted easily, I love how this program keeps them involved and excited the whole time!”
Kelly Morgan (Parent)  

Early Childhood Classes

Ages from 2 -7 years old can participate in our early childhood classes. Check out the different classes we have on offer below.
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Mummy & Me

Dance classes 2 years old

This is a Parent/Toddler 30 minute Introductory dance class that is unique in the area to Strictly Dance.  The young dancers and parent/guardian will share in the excitement and joy as she or he learns to twirl and leap. The secret to the class is that it is structured and fun!  Young dancers learn the necessary steps while learning how to follow direction and imitate movement in a positive active environment while having a great time.   

30 minute classes

Parent participation required

Twinkle Babies

Dance classes 3 years old

Our exclusive Twinkle Babies Ballet class is a 30 minute introductory dance class.  Engaging music is used to get these little dancers inspired to dance.  The use of props and song and dance enable the young dancers to use their imagination, creativity and most of all, have fun! 

30 minute classes


Twinkle Stars

Dance classes 4 years old

 Our Beautiful Twinkle Star classes is the next step for our young dancers.  Learning more technique but still spinning and leaping and beaming from head to toe after these beautiful inspiring ballet classes.  This age groups starts to learn more steps and have a ball while learning the beautiful discipline of ballet.


30 minute classes

Baby Boppers

Dance classes 3-4 years old

This 30 minute age specific class combination class includes both Tap and Jazz.  The purpose of the class is to introduce young dancers to both Jazz and Tap styles of dance while inspiring movement and creativity within a positive environment.  Dancers also learn basic steps and terminology in both styles and is perfect for those little ones that love to move and groove.  

30 minute classes

Jazz & Tap Shoes Required

Combo Cuties

Dance classes 5 years old

Our Combo Cuties is our Combination Jazz/Tap class for our 5-6 year olds that love the popular music and the excitement of marching around in their new tap shoes or split leaping to the latest Trolls music.  Your child will simple love this class as she learns all the basics to both styles of dance as she or he grooves to the latest music and learns to kick, wiggle, shuffle and leap!

45 minute classes

Jazz & Tap Shoes Required



Dance classes 6-7 years old

Our Jumpstart Combination class is a age specific 45 minuter class which is now a little longer for this age group.  They start learning the ATOD Test 1 grade syllabus for both Jazz and Tap and are prepared for exams if they wish that experience.  A fun, supportive, positive environment sets the scene for happy smiles and a child brimming in pride with all they have learnt from this class!

45 minute classes

Jazz & Tap Shoes Required


Broadway Babies

Singing classes 5-6 years old

If your child loves to sing we have the perfect little group singing class for them.  Broadway Babies is our youngest singers who just love to perform.With a low pressure music concert twice a year you little one will  blossom with confidence as he or she performs for her family and friends twice a year.

45 minute classes


Tumble Bears

Acro classes 4-6 years old

If your little one loves to cartwheel and flip or just wants to learn these skillsbring them along to our Acro classes.  Taught by specialised Aerials coaches fromAerial Angel from the Gold Coast these little ones will be in safe handsas they learn the correct and safe technique for all the tricks they just love to try!

45 minute classes






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