1.    Thanks for making everything so very simple for us as parents and enjoyable and well organised for our little girl. We have used other dance schools with her and with the oldest daughter and Strictly Dance is head and shoulders above the rest in all departments. The personal touches mean a lot and it is noticed and appreciated – Honnie Norup (Parent) 

2.    My Daughter Millie Rae was in your Saturday morning class of beginner Ballet. I just wanted to take the time out to thank you for a wonderful introduction of dancing to Millie. I originally took Millie to another dancing school close to where we live, the first lesson was complimentary and at the end of the class the teacher brought her out to me and quite abruptly said "She’s finished now"’ as she was turning around to walk away! As I was quite heavily pregnant at this time I picked myself up off the chair and found the teacher to ask how Millie went on her first lesson. The teacher told me she did not really know as she was in and out of the class and to find the other teacher and ask her. I proceeded to find the other teacher and when i asked her the same question she replied "Who is Millie?’ Needless to say we did not return to this dancing school!!
From the day I first contacted Strictly Dance I found all of your team to be extremely helpful, caring and professional and I am extremely grateful for this. I was emailed information immediately and Millie and I were both welcomed on her first day. Someone was there to help fit her ballet shoes and ballet outfit and nothing was ever too much trouble. Since Millie was only two and a half years old it was nice to have someone take her by the hand as I separated from her and to give me some feedback at the end of her first lesson. (I certainly did not expect this after every lesson but just her first!) – Karen Rae (Parent)

3.    Love you all, Amazing, Beautiful Friends, Strictly Dance is Everything and so much more, Tayla is blessed to have you all in her life ! – Natalie McFarlane (Parent)

4.    Thank you for the great experience Jayla had on the weekend at the ATOD competition. Jayla had such a fantastic time and is still talking about how wonderful it was to perform on stage. The atmosphere was very supportive and you made Jayla feel very special. She can’t wait to do it all again. I am so proud to see my little 4 year old have the courage and support to go up on stage all by herself and perform a dance, she has learnt so much in the short time she has been dancing it is a real credit to yourself and your teaching faculty. Jayla is very motivated and having the nurturing environment is perfect for her, she would dance every day if I let her, she is desperate to do trick class and learn all the fancy moves the big girls do… LOL Thank you for all your hard work Strictly Dance is an absolutely wonderful environment for learning, inspiring and making lovely friends and we are so lucky to be a part of it. We enjoyed staying and watching Jayla’s friends perform during the day they all did so well. – Alana Thirkettle (Parent)

 5.    "Strictly Dance offers everything that makes it easy for students to learn, that is a fun environment, outstanding communication and most importantly qualified, dedicated and caring teachers. My daughter always checks the calendar to see how long until her next dance lesson. Thank you for making her smile and encouraging her to be the best she can be." – Raelene Murphy

6.     “I am so pleased to have finally found a dance school where the dance is modern and organized. First impression was wow this is fantastic.” Raelene Addley

7.    "Debbie Lyn Davidson has been teaching our little girls for five years. Mrs Davidson, her studio and the other children are an extension of our family. At the end of each year we try to find a way to express to her the wide reaching impact she has on our girls. We explain that what we appreciate about dancing class with her studio is not just the high quality teaching of the dance but the great influence that she is having on the girls as unique individuals striving to do their best in all areas of their life. Thankyou Debbie-Lyn!" – Natalie McFarlane (Parent)

8.    I love dancing at strictly because everyone is so loving ♥ the teachers understand your needs and help whenever you ask for it 🙂 everyone is friends with everyone and I have had the funniest, happiest and most rewarding experiences there 🙂 – Courtney Male (14yrs)

9.    They work us hard and we get the results. They share our dreams and help us achieve them. At Strictly Dance I have found a family. – Xanthe Dunning (11yrs)

10.    I love to dance at strictly dance because their dances are unique and creative. I also love the teachers as they are strict, but still our friends. We can also communicate on face book which is pretty cool. The studio is really nice and open but still getting bigger! F- Ayla Hayes (10yrs)

11.    Strictly dance is the best dance studio in the world. All the students are very nice and parents and teachers are there to assist u. Everyone is there to have a great time and to do their best. We thank everyone for helping strictly dance as well. I LOVE STRICTLY DANCE!!!!! – Brooke Smith (12 yrs)

12.    I love to dance at Strictly Dance. I have danced there since I was 3 so it is my home away from home. My teachers at Strictly have helped me achieve many goals I thought were not possible. Thank you! I love to dance in all the different genres. I also love to do all of my solo’s and work in the eisteddford teams (which is so much fun!) Thanks Strictly!!!:) – Tahlia Francis (12yrs)

13.    I LOVE dancing at Strictly dance because dancing is my dream and my teachers help me out so much. I enjoy having fun with my teachers and friends and I love going to all of the eisteddfods. GO STRICLY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Makayla Francis (10yrs)

14.    I love dancing at Strictly Dance when you get to go on stage and even if you are scared after you finish the dance its fun and feels so good. I love all my teachers, friends and the costumes and make up. – Jemma Chalmers (6yrs)

15.    I love Hip Hop at Strictly Dance because its so much more fun that other boring sports and Miss Beccy rocks. – Colby Chalmers( 9yrs)

16.   I love dancing at Strictly Dance because I love all the teachers they are so kind to me and I love all my friends. I like learning new things and performing. – Tahlia Hancock (9yrs)

17.    Why do you love dancing? " because it is so much fun, I love all the dancers and I just love it !" – Kyra Percy (5yrs)

18.    S-uper T-errific R-eliable I-ncredible C-reative T-eachers L-oving Y-outhful D-edicated A-mazing N-atural C-apable E-xcellent
This is why I love going to Strictly Dance and enjoy coming every week! – Jade Iverson (7yrs)

19.    I love dancing at strictly dance because the teachers are amazing they are kind and loving. There is so much variety of classes. i have been dancing at strictly dance for 11 years and i have loved every single second of it. Strictly Dance you are my Family always and forever I LOVE YOU ALL ♥ – Felicity Tennant (14yrs)