Terms and Conditions

The yearly registration fee covers music licensing and insurances and is payable with your first term of fees.  It is a non-refundable annual fee and is due along with tuition when registering for class.

Statements will be emailed prior to the commencement of each term.

With our direct debit system, families are able to elect to pay off their accounts by quarterly or fortnightly payments from their nominated Credit Card or Debit cards (not American Express). This payment method allows our -families to pay their accounts in more manageable installations without having to worry about late fees.

All fees incurred due to declined direct debits or wrong details will be charge to the customer.  $20 per declined transaction, this will be added to the account and taken at the next direct debit date.

If you prefer not to sign up for direct debit, all fees must be paid upon registration or by the end of the first week of each term. Payment options include cash, online payments or eftpos at either studio premises.

Please note: If you do not complete the term, you are still liable to pay for the full term.  Anyone who stops their direct debit before the end of the term will have their account immediately sent to a debt collector with all recovery costs added.

Dance is a physical activity and the teacher or teaching assistant may have to assist your child’s understanding of an action, posture or position by physical contact e.g. holding hands in a circle; lifting, correcting posture. You consent to employees, sub-contractors, contractors and directors of Strictly Dance having contact with your child in this regard.

I release and hold harmless Strictly Dance, its owners from any and all liability, sustained by the participant, while in or upon the premises. I understand that Strictly Dance is not responsible for personal property.

I understand that photographs and video footage of my student (child) may be used in Strictly Dance’s promotional materials.

We are pleased that the majority of our valued customers settle their accounts in accordance with our terms. However, we occasionally have accounts that become overdue. Account reminders are emailed out in week 3 of each term. If still not paid, and overdue notice will be both emailed and posted out with a $20 late fee in week 5 of the term. If still no action has been taken, an account final notice will be both emailed and posted by week 7 and will incur an additional $20 late fee. Please note that accounts that are not settled by the end of week 8 of term will be submitted to a collection agency with all costs involved being incurred by the customer.

Talented and dedicated students may be invited by Strictly Dance to join our performing teams, or be an Eisteddfod soloist or part of a duo or trio at the discretion of the Principals.

Eisteddfod students are selected based on talent and must demonstrate commitment. They must be prepared to commit 100% to one extra class per week for their group or solo/duo/trio rehearsal before and throughout the Eisteddfod season. This also includes some rehearsals in the school holidays. Commitment to performance dates is essential for selected Eisteddfod group dancers.

Please note that under no circumstances will there be credits for missed or cancelled classes.

Classes are charged per number of weeks in each term.  If your child’s class is cancelled due to public holidays, exams or other unforeseen circumstances, or they have missed a class due to personal matters, they are welcome to arrange a makeup lesson for the same class or can try a different class.

If your child does not complete a term you are still responsible for payment of that term.

If starting partway through the term you are responsible only for the remaining weeks of that term from the date of your registration.

Students are allowed 2 make up lessons per term for each genre excluding make ups for public holidays.   Make Up lessons may not be carried over to the next term or the next year.   Students can only attend make up lessons in classes that are not full.

All students must be appropriately groomed for class, with their hair tied back securely. Female students must have their hair in a bun with hair net and pins for every ballet class. Female students with short hair must secure it with a soft headband. Male students should have their hair off their face.

Any student dressed or groomed inappropriately will be asked to improve their appearance when next attending.

Clients assumes full risk, waives all claims and release and hold Davidson Family Enterprises Pty Ltd T/A Strictly Dance, its instructors, or partners of Strictly Dance program, individually or otherwise harmless for any and all claims for injuries or damages.  In consideration of (clients) participation in and the use of strictly Dance facilities, he/she hereby releases and covenants not to sue Strictly Dance its owners, directors, office staff, employees, representatives, agents, and lessees from any and all present claims resulting from ordinary negligence and inherent risk of use of facilities and equipment of strictly dance including but not limited to any loss, injury, damage or liabilities sustained by him/her while on or about the premises of Strictly Dance.

Please ensure that you have read and understood the relevant section of the Terms and Conditions. We can not be held responsible for any errors caused by failure to read or understand the Terms and Conditions in full