Our Studios

Strictly Dance offers music and dance lessons at our professional equipped studios at Cleveland for students in the Redlands Areas and Underwood for students in Rochedale. Springwood, Sunnybank and surrounding areas. We offer classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Tumbling/Acrobatics,Hip Hop, Martial Arts, Tricks Turns & Leaps, Stretch & Strengthening as well as performing team opportunities. We also offer music lessons in piano, guitar and voice/singing lessons in one of our convenient locations in Cleveland or Underwood.

The students of Strictly Dance enjoy studios in Cleveland and Underwood offering superb facilities including:

  • Our Cleveland Dance and Music Studios provide 6 spacious fully equipped studios
  • Our Springwood Dance Studio has 3 professional equipped studios
  • Exercise & Machine Rooms
  • Fully sound proof music studios for singing, piano and guitar lessons in Cleveland and Underwood
  • Indoor and outdoor eating areas for our dance students
  • Kitchen facilities including fridge and microwave
  • Dance student warm up area
  • Our Springwood Dance and our Cleveland Dance and music Schools offer air conditioned studios
  • Student waiting/study room
  • Our dance studios have specialist tarkett flooring for ballet, Jazz and Contemporary Dance
  • Foyer Area
  • Our dance studios have specialist tap flooring for tap dancing and hip hop classes.
  • Access to public transport
  • Attached Dancewear shop for all your dance needs
  • Lockers for students
  • Mirrors that start at floor level so that dancers can see their feet from any place on the dance floor
  • Designated Parking
  • Our Studios are equipped with special dance floors which help reduce the risk of injury.