Music Magic Lessons

Strictly Dance offers music and dance classes for all ages and ability. With studios in Cleveland, Alexandra Hill for parents in the Redlands and an Underwood dance studio for parents in Springwood, Daisy Hill, Runcorn and surrounding areas we offer a wide variety of dance, Acrobatics and Martial Arts programs. Our teachers are highly dedicated in helping each child progress and reach their potential. We offer music lessons in piano, guitar and voice/ singing in one of our convenient locations in Cleveland or Underwood.

Broadway Babies/Stars

If your child loves to sing then our Broadway Babies (Ages 4-6) or Broadway Stars (Ages 7-10) is the option for your child. Our students enjoy lots of personal attention in our small classes with only 8 students per class. The children enjoy lots of singing to teach many musical concepts.


Group Singing Lessons –

This program will feed your desire for musical knowledge. You will learn the basics of music theory, history, sight reading and ear training, vocal health, how to sing in a group environment, self-evaluation, and much, much more!
Students sing all kinds of music from their favorite artists to classical. Our group lessons lengths are 30 minutes or 1 hour depending ability and age. Under the direction of our voice teacher, Bex Grennan, you are sure to get the highest quality education while having fun and getting to know others.

Each student will also have an opportunity to perform in 2 musical recitals throughout the year. These unique opportunities will help increase each student’s general music knowledge in all areas and ensure successful performances.

We will discuss on stage posture, sound placement and character developments to create a higher level of performance.
Class size is limited to 8 students per class.

Piano Lessons

Music Magic Lessons – Private lessons are offered on all popular instruments (guitar, bass, piano, drums) and voice. We have found that private one-on-one instruction for instruments allows students to progress at their own pace and gain the best understanding of musical techniques. Student can start private lessons as young as 5 years old. Students can start private lessons any time of the year or month so there’s no need to wait to get started. A variety of styles are taught such as pop, jazz, rock and classical. Contact the school office to see which times and days are available.

Common Music Lesson Questions & Answers

Q: Do I need a piano at home to take piano lessons?
A: It is ideal if you do have a piano at home, but you can start lessons with our piano teachers by using an electric keyboard to practice on at home. Most of our students rent or buy small electric keyboards practice on at home. We recommend a keyboard that has regular sized keys and a touch sensitive response. A touch sensitive keyboard means if you press a key harder it will play louder and if you press a key softer it will play quieter.

Q: I don’t have any musical background or ability; can I still help my child practice?
A: Yes. Even if you don’t have a musical background you can ask the teacher for advice on how to help your child practice. By simply monitoring that they are doing exercises a certain number of times per day the student will progress. Many parents invited to sit in on their child’s music lesson on there first lesson and the last lesson of each term to gain an idea of the proper way a song should sound or how the student should be positioning their hands.


Music Recitals

Our recitals are the perfect venue for you or your child to show family and friends the results of months of learning and practice. Our recitals are organized and designed to eliminate “stage fright” and help performers build self esteem. These will be held twice a year at our studios. The recitals help students stay motivated, encouraged and interested by seeing the progress of their peers.

We pride ourselves on making them the lowest stress, most enjoyable events you will experience.

Our recitals will provide your family with great memories that will last for a lifetime. Call us today and soon your whole family will be enjoying music or dance in a whole new way.